LinkedIn marketing done right goes something like this. Get an account, create a killer profile, and get a lot of connections. Reach out to those connections and tell them about your product or service. Next, turn yourself into a though leader by creating tons of meaningful content. This process works, but it won’t happen in just a day. It’s going to take a few months. A year, maybe. But think of what you’ll have when you’ve accomplished the “thought leader” part. You’ll have positioned yourself as a big dog in your market area. This is positioning and branding that will serve you well for the rest of your career.

Here’s the catch, though.

It all depends on the content you create!

Most content I find on LinkedIn is dull and boring. Also, because it’s dull and boring, it doesn’t get the clicks or in the case of LinkedIn, it doesn’t drive that many people to your profile or get them to reach out to you, or even to respond favorably to you reaching out to them! If this is one of your marketing woes, good news! I have a few solutions that will help you pour proverbial gasoline onto your LinkedIn fire!

Make Viral Worthy Content

How do you know what topics are hot? Actually, on LinkedIn it’s pretty easy. If you go to your home page, you’ll see a list of trending topics. This tells you what’s igniting people! Pick a topic that can be bent to your own needs and write about that. Better yet, write about it and make a video about it. Even better create a slide show about it. Now you can post on LinkedIn, YouTube and SlideShare all in one fell swoop.

Ask Questions

LinkedIn is, after all, a social media platform. The overall goal is engagement! Asking questions is a great way to get your readers or viewers engaged! Doing this could mean all the difference between your content getting 5 clicks and 500 clicks!