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Three Mistakes You’re Making With Your LinkedIn Profile

Does your LinkedIn presence contain the content which will make you stand out from the crowd?

When it comes to marketing on LinkedIn, the number one most important part of the process is getting your profile correct.

For example…

1. You want your profile to be complete.
2. You want your profile to pre-sell you and your talents..

There are thousands of profiles on LinkedIn which fail on one and many times both of these essential points.

The following are three most common mistakes:

Problem #1: Bad Profile Photo

LinkedIn is a business site! Unless you run a beach-side concession renting out umbrellas and sea kayaks, you don’t want your LinkedIn profile picture to be from your last vacation.

You know the one I’m taking about, right?  Yep—the one where you’re wearing your multi-colored swim suit, and you’re carrying around that boogie board you love so much.

Would you dress like that for a job interview? Of, course not!

Instead, submit a photo with you wearing a suit and tie or a professional dress.

You can ask your spouse, friend or family member to take a well-lighted picture with your smart phone. 

Problem #2: No Summary or a Poor Summary

This occurs thousands of time on LinkedIn. People with great looking profiles have a weak summary containing one or two sentences.

The summary space has a 2,000-character limit. Make sure you fill it with awesome content. 

Problem #3: No Recommendations

This one’s a little more problematic than the first two because you actually have to get someone else to do the recommending.

But, here’s the deal.

People are actually scrolling down and looking for those recommendations!

You don’t need many…two or three will do nicely.

Ask some of your business associates or co-workers to fill out a LinkedIn recommendation for you.

You can either write it for them, and they can copy and paste or they can do it all themselves!

The bottom line is you need a full and complete profile. LinkedIn even prompts you for this, so if you haven’t filled out everything, make sure you accomplish this as soon as possible.

If you need help with your LinkedIn profile, please contact us or comment below and we will definitely take care of it for you.

You’ll be glad you did!

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