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As promised, I am going to reveal to you how you can FINALLY change you and your family’s lifestyle by using proven methods which will generate a life-changing income.

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There are 3 ingredients that you need:

– Traffic

– A Product

– Content


Traffic is the most vital component of any internet business. And once you learn how(and where) to get a lot of “buyer” traffic for free or cheap, you can easily make a “job replacing” income promoting any high converting product or niche in the world!

This can be a physical or informational product.

Some examples are:


beauty products

home and garden

clothing and shoes


The highest earning internet marketers are those who have mastered the powerful art of traffic generation.These guys are comfortably making 5,6 even 7 figures a month by simply sending traffic to other people’s products.

If you’re new to the affiliate marketing game, or maybe
just reassessing how you get things done, you’ve probably
heard a lot about PLR and how much value it holds for
aspiring marketers.

It’s inexpensive, it’s bought in bulk, and it helps
provide the massive content source you need to get
anything truly effective done with your websites.

But, how do you actually turn those simple articles and
eBooks into real profits? Here are a few of my thoughts on
the concept.

It’s Not Original Content

The first thing you have to remember is that PLR is not
original content. It doesn’t have the same intrinsic value
that a unique, original piece of content would have.

Instead, you have something that anywhere from 25 to 100
other marketers also have, which immediately makes it less
valuable on its own merits.

But, that doesn’t mean you cannot use it in many other

First, you can distribute PLR as is in many locations. It
works wonders for email newsletters that need new content
on a weekly basis.

If you have 20 or 30 lists you maintain from different
sites, it would be nearly impossible to generate that much
content consistently.

PLR can make the difference, without needing much tweaking
to the original text.

You can also post PLR content to a blog, where it can be
used as a filler post.

This can be dangerous if you’re developing organic search
rankings, because Google will see it as duplicate content.
But, if you’re using PPC and just need landing-page
content, it works quite well.

Repurposing PLR Content

Another way you can use your PLR to flip a true profit is
to repurpose it. Notice how I didn’t use the word
“rewrite”? That’s because you really don’t need to rewrite
it, especially if it’s not going into search listings.

A great trick I’ve seen used a few times is to take a set
of 20 PLR articles on a niche topic and combine them into
a free report. You’ll need to write some transitions and
an introduction, but most of the rest is just formatting.

Instead of spending $150 to get a report written on
Elance, you can spend $20 for a set of articles that hit
the same topics.

If you’re up for a bit of rewriting, you can take a PLR
article and rewrite it to about 30-50% unique
status–something a quality writer can do for a much lower
rate than a full write-up.

Once you’ve made the PLR unique, it can be posted in
article directories, used on blogs for search rankings, or
redistributed on your websites.

Creating Info Products with PLR

A trick that many product vendors use, which you can use
to generate bonuses and free content, is to take a PLR
eBook (that permits rewriting and editing) and change it
enough to claim the copyright.

Some PLR content you’ll receive is, at best, subpar
compared to a real eBook. But, it takes very little work
to edit it, format it, add screenshots and rewrite about
30% of the content.

Once you’ve done that, you have a viable–and more
importantly, valuable–product that can be distributed to
build your list and flip a profit later on.

As an affiliate marketer, your entire purpose is to
generate leads and drive conversions. The easiest way to
do that is distribute valuable content that builds trust
and pushes people to click on affiliate links.

If you can get that content for less money and guarantee a
longstanding level of value, you’ll always do better in
your endeavors.

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