popup domination 3.0Many modern marketers are unaware of how to increase their newsletter subscribers, even if they’re extremely talented at promoting their products or services online. Thanks to Popup Domination, their problems with creating a large mailing list are over.

A New Trend in Email Marketing

Even if many people are against pop-ups and think they are annoying, Popup Domination 3.0 represents the exception to the rule. The fact is that this breakthrough service works extremely well in attracting new subscribers for your newsletter. Its previous versions had a great impact on many businesses, helping them to increase their customer database and to speed up the converting process of visitors into customers and then into loyal customers.

Popup Domination 3.0 provides more themes and cool features, being specially designed to double your online sales in a short time. Many marketers who used this tool on their personal blogs or their company’s website declared they experienced a real growth in both their newsletter subscribers and their sales. This plugin goes extremely well with WordPress, because the majority of marketers nowadays consider this platform one of the best CMS on the market.

Popup Domination is certainly becoming a new trend nowadays, as it can easily increase your mailing list subscription rate by over 800% in just a few weeks. This consequently leads to a 600% profit increase in the next couple of months. The secret of this tool is that you can create beautiful and unique pop-ups which are very high-converting on the Internet.

Top Features

The latest version of this plugin provides unique features that have a higher chance of success. Some of the best features in Popup Domination 3.0 are:

– Multiple pop-ups and campaigns: the latest version from Popup Domination allows you to create as many pop-ups as you want, using your own style and touch. Use your creativity to create the ideal pop-up for each niche. All these features are ideal for a marketing campaigns, because you can personalise it as much as you want.

As an example, you can have three distinct pop-ups on your blog: one on the home page, another one on a blog post and the third one on your about page. Each of them has its own design and style. Isn’t that amazing? Your visitors will never get bored to navigate on your blog or site, because they will enjoy viewing all your pop-ups.

– A/B split testing: after creating your pop-ups, what can be more interesting than split testing them? You can simply split the views between two or more pop-ups and then study which one is getting more opt-ins. See what resonates better with you audience and then choose the most appropriate pop up.

– Analytics: many users asked for this feature- the ability to know how many potential customers are viewing your pop-ups, for how long, and also how many are converted as subscribers. This tool is extremely easy-to-use and very effective, because it saves a lot of your time.

Popup Domination 3.0 is an extremely easy-to-use plugin, allowing you to create the perfect pop-up in just a matter of minutes. You can choose between a variety of themes and templates. Moreover, you can even create your unique theme if you have some web design experience. 

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