niche video site builderMore and more marketers have started to realize the importance of a professionally built video website in their niche. Modern savvy consumers want to discover all the features and benefits of a breakthrough product in a matter of minutes, because they are extremely busy. This is why the authors of Niche Video Site Builder considered that investing in such a service would hit the headlines. And guess what. They were right.

Extremely Easy to Use

Niche Video Site Builder is probably the most popular and most advanced website builder tool available online. It definitely answers the question, “how to build a website” or “how to build a squeeze page”.In less than a few minutes, you can create a unique video website in your niche for converting your visitors into active customers. This tool is extremely easy to use and to set-up. The following tips are everything you need to know in order to benefit of the unique features of Niche Video Site Builder:

1. Identify a competitive keyword in your niche: use Google Adwords to find a highly competitive keyword. In the same time, try to find a keyword that has a low competition, because it will be easier to get on Google’s first page if the competition is not that strong. Always choose a keyword relevant to your visitors. As an example, if your business is about selling motorcycle parts, you can choose: motorcycle parts, quality motorcycle parts or original motorcycle parts.

2. Search for an affiliate program: this tool allows you to add your own affiliate programs and products through text links, banners and ads.

3. Purchase a domain that matches your keyword: a video site that has a domain name that matches its keyword will usually receive a higher ranking in Google and consequently more visitors. Moreover, a matching domain helps your visitors to find more easy what they are looking for.

4. Hosting: you will need a large hosting, because you will have to store many files. In addition, the bigger the hosting, the faster your page will load.

5. Select the template you prefer, enter the ftp details, your keyword and the AdSense ID and click the button. Your site will be automatically installed and also configured on the server.

Niche Video Site Builder Features

What’s really amazing with the Niche Video Site Builder is that you can have your first video website live in less than a few minute. This tool has already created 350,000+ websites online, and it continues to grow each day. Let’s take a look at the built-in features Niche Video Site Builder provides:

– Finds all the relevant videos on Youtube in your place.
– Everything is automatic.
– It leverages the power of social networks.
– Features very strong filtering capabilities: this will allow your website to show only useful and relevant videos.
– Generates tons of backlinks from authority sites.
– Works with Google Analytics, allowing you to monitor each site.
– A breakthrough affiliate program that pays around 50% commission.
– Other advanced features and options for further customization.
– Unlimited website licence: with only 1 licence, you can create as many video websites as you want.
– You can save 90%: this is probably the greatest advantage. However this offer is limited.

If you want to benefit of the easiest website creation script that will literally boost your visitors, do it now. You can save 90% and will also benefit of free lifetime updates.

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