how to rank on page oneI’ve noticed that since the Hummingbird update, Google (and other search engines) is HIGHLY favoring content that is more topic-related to what the user is actually searching for.

This is a BIG shift!

Google is becoming smarter every second therefore, if you are still writing articles based around one keyword, you are living in the past!

To start ranking on page 1 of Google or to add hundreds of subscribers to your email list weekly, you need to change your mindset and start creating content around a cluster of related topics, people and things.

By performing this task, you will begin ranking for hundreds of word phrases in Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Yes…HUNDREDS of word phrases!

For example, let’s take a look at the “lose weight” niche.

Step 1:

Here are some phrases that hundreds of people are typing in ALL of the search engines per day (Google Planner will probably show no volume on these. Stop using Google Planner!):

“how to lose weight quickly after pregnancy”
“how to lose weight without counting calories”
“how to lose weight healthy and fast”

You can easily write one 400 – 500 word post on your website with valuable information focusing on people and things related to each of these phrases.

Step 2:

Include words such as mother, busy mom, healthy recipes, fruit, vegetables, venus factor, new baby, new mom, fatloss4idiots, Jennifer Hudson, treadmill, Anna Gunn, Biggest Losers, Christina Aguilera, exercise, low calories, etc. etc.

Step 3:

Next, link out to powerful websites within your content such as Wikipedia or a related Youtube video.

Step 4:

Make sure you have an image on your post with an alt tag to one of your phrases <alt=how to lose weight without counting calories>

Step 5:

Next, paste a related YouTube video within your post, if you can find one (Tip: Embed one of your own videos into your post).

Step 6:

Link internally to at least two other pages on your blog.

Step 7:

<H1> your title in your post. A sample title for this post could be:

<H1>How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy By Eating Healthy Low Calories Food</H1>

Step 8:

Get your post indexed in Google in about 10 seconds by simply posting your link at:

You are allowed only 500 submissions per month so don’t go crazy.

Step 9:

Get social interactions, shares and likes from Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, etc.

And that’s about it my friends.

That is how you rank for hundreds of phrases and bank TONS of money per day!

So get to work!

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