classified submissionsGone are the days where you would have needed to submit your ad manually to hundreds of websites, directories and forums. This was a really daunting task, especially as it took a lot of time and sometimes it was proven to be useless. Nowadays professional marketers understood the importance of creating a tool that automatically submits your classified ads to those directories classified ad sites and blogs. This is how Classified Submissions appeared on the market.

The Importance of Classified Ad Submission

SEO procedures and classified ad submission represent a top priority for nowadays marketers, because they are the channel to reach the mass of customers out there. For a business that wants to grow and to expand, classified ad submission is crucial. It is a fact that ad submission allows you to easily build backlinks and therefore to increase your page rank in the search engines. Moreover, these ads helps in linking the pages of your website, enhancing the overall SEO process.

Before, you would have needed to do this task manually. Only submitting your ad to one hundred directories would have taken 8 to 12 hours. Moreover, not all the marketers were aware of the places where to submit the ad. Sadly, this wasn’t successful at all, because in many cases it was a waste of time. However, the technology has evolved, especially in this field. This is why we can now enjoy the full benefits of an automatic ad submission tool.

Classified Submissions Features and Benefits

If you own a business and you want to promote it online, one of the best ways to do it hassle-free is to use an automatic submission tool for your ads. Classified Submissions is a software that submits and promotes your ad to thousands of websites in order to present your business to thousands of potential customers. With this unique tool, your ads will be submitted to more than 550 classified ad sites, 250 large web directories, 85 search engines, 50 forums and 500,000 networked sites. The amazing thing is that your ad will be resubmitted each month, exposing your business to a fresh and updated database.

Maybe you are not yet convinced of the importance of including this classified ad tool into your promotion strategy. Some of the benefits of classified ad marketing for your business are:

– Extremely fast: with classified ad marketing you have immediate exposure to thousands of potential customers, because ads are published in less than 24 hours.
– You will get valuable backlinks to your website: the majority of classified ad websites where your ad will be promoted have a very high ranking in the search engines. So when your links are listed on these websites, Google considers your website as important as these ad websites, increasing your PageRank.
– Visitors want to buy something: when a potential customer takes the time to study a classified ad, it means he’s looking to buy something. He is prepared to buy something you offer, therefore offer him something unique.
– A great value: a classified ad strategy is much cheaper than a Google Adwords strategy.

For as little as $39.95, you could have your classified ad submitted to thousands of websites and directories automatically Per Month. If you want to benefit from this amazing system….

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