amazon custom search pluginFounded in 1994, Amazon is certainly the biggest online shopping portal in the whole world. Moreover, Amazon represents a gold mine for nowadays affiliate marketers, due to the simplicity of joining and operating. Recent studies showed that Amazon earns more than 40% of its total revenues from its current affiliates. That’s a lot of money. 40% out of $48.07 billion means about $20 billion each year.

The Best Way to Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Amazon has more than 90K affiliate members in all countries of the world. If you are an Amazon affiliate or want to become one, there is a way you can multiply your earnings at a touch of a click. The software that helps you do this is called Amazon Custom Search plugin.

There are many Amazon WordPress plugins specially designed to increase your earnings as an Amazon affiliate. Some of the most common names are Amazon Autoposter, Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer, WP Amazon Ads or Amazon Store. However, these plugins are far behind what Amazon Custom Search plugin can provide. This is because this modern plugin is the masterpiece of three famous marketers online who struggled to come up with something unique and practical for today’s savvy affiliate marketers.

Amazon Custom Search Plugin Features and Benefits

This unique plugin helps your readers to easily find the product they’re looking for on your website or blog. It enhances the search process and allows your website to go up in the search engine rankings. Some of the most important features of this modern plugin are:

– Very easy to install: you don’t really need any previous technical experience to set up this plugin on your WordPress blog or website. All you need to do is to go to the WP plugin page and install it. The next step is to activate it and then drag the widget to the sidebar or at the bottom. All this process won’t take more than 5 minutes, therefore a great advantage is that it saves more of your time.

– Generates a relevant search results: your visitors will be thrilled about this plugin, because it will highly improve your site’s utility and effectiveness. Amazon Custom Search will generate in a few seconds a list of products that is relevant to the keywords typed into the search box. This improvement will transform many visitors into customers and also existing customers into loyal customers.

– Supports 7 countries: this WordPress plugin provides an even greater flexibility than ever before, because it allows you to use it in seven different countries:,,,,,,

– Comes in 2 styles: you can always switch the style of the plugin. Whether you prefer an Option button style or a Combo box, Amazon Custom Search plugin will surely increase your sales.

Amazon Custom Search Review

This plugin costs only $9.20 and can be easily purchased from HERE. Some of the customers who tried it already declared:

“I just purchased it with no problems. So far everything looks awesome.”

“Already installed it on 3 of my websites and my sales went up. Extremely happy!”

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