Popup Domination 3.0 Review

popup domination 3.0Many modern marketers are unaware of how to increase their newsletter subscribers, even if they’re extremely talented at promoting their products or services online. Thanks to Popup Domination, their problems with creating a large mailing list are over.

A New Trend in Email Marketing

Even if many people are against pop-ups and think they are annoying, Popup Domination 3.0 represents the exception to the rule. The fact is that this breakthrough service works extremely well in attracting new subscribers for your newsletter. Its previous versions had a great impact on many businesses, helping them to increase their customer database and to speed up the converting process of visitors into customers and then into loyal customers.

Popup Domination 3.0 provides more themes and cool features, being specially designed to double your online sales in a short time. Many marketers who used this tool on their personal blogs or their company’s website declared they experienced a real growth in both their newsletter subscribers and their sales. This plugin goes extremely well with WordPress, because the majority of marketers nowadays consider this platform one of the best CMS on the market.

Popup Domination is certainly becoming a new trend nowadays, as it can easily increase your mailing list subscription rate by over 800% in just a few weeks. This consequently leads to a 600% profit increase in the next couple of months. The secret of this tool is that you can create beautiful and unique pop-ups which are very high-converting on the Internet.

Top Features

The latest version of this plugin provides unique features that have a higher chance of success. Some of the best features in Popup Domination 3.0 are:

– Multiple pop-ups and campaigns: the latest version from Popup Domination allows you to create as many pop-ups as you want, using your own style and touch. Use your creativity to create the ideal pop-up for each niche. All these features are ideal for a marketing campaigns, because you can personalise it as much as you want.

As an example, you can have three distinct pop-ups on your blog: one on the home page, another one on a blog post and the third one on your about page. Each of them has its own design and style. Isn’t that amazing? Your visitors will never get bored to navigate on your blog or site, because they will enjoy viewing all your pop-ups.

– A/B split testing: after creating your pop-ups, what can be more interesting than split testing them? You can simply split the views between two or more pop-ups and then study which one is getting more opt-ins. See what resonates better with you audience and then choose the most appropriate pop up.

– Analytics: many users asked for this feature- the ability to know how many potential customers are viewing your pop-ups, for how long, and also how many are converted as subscribers. This tool is extremely easy-to-use and very effective, because it saves a lot of your time.

Popup Domination 3.0 is an extremely easy-to-use plugin, allowing you to create the perfect pop-up in just a matter of minutes. You can choose between a variety of themes and templates. Moreover, you can even create your unique theme if you have some web design experience. 

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Keyword Canine – Discover the Best Niche for Your Business

keyword canineIn today’s online business environment, it is imperative to target the right niche, especially as modern savvy customers won’t be satisfied with any product or service. Many marketers spend a great deal of time to discover this golden niche but in the end they realize they have targeted the wrong keyword. Such a waste of time for nothing!

Because of this,  Jonathan Leger and Josh Spaulding created a unique niche and keyword research tool, called Keyword Canine. This tool focuses on all kinds of businesses, small and large, helping them in the marketing process and improving their awareness regarding customers’ opinions.

The First Step to Success

In order to succeed in the search engine optimization process, you need to make the first step: keyword research. However, this is the point where most of the marketing departments fail, especially because they get bored. If you done this task manually, it can take hours, even days, and you still won’t have the expected results. Keyword Canine is the perfect tool to do this job in your place, allowing you to save your time and energy for other important tasks.

The first step to success is to use a unique software that helps you reach your goals. Why is Keyword Canine different from other similar keyword tools on the market? Well, the majority of such software have a lot of useless features that nobody will use. In addition, their interface is very hard to understand and to use. You need to spend hours, watching videos and reading tutorial, on how to use that specific software. This is not the case of Keyword Canine, because it is an online tool that features a clean and nice interface that doesn’t need to be installed on your PC.

Keyword Canine Features and Benefits

Some of the things that made Keyword Canine become one of the highest rated niche discovery and keyword research tool on the market are:

– Keyword database: this database is constantly growing and includes thousands of keywords and phrases never used before. This means you have an endless supply of profitable keywords to choose from. However, this is not the case with other similar software, as they have overused databases with common keywords.

– Complex niche finder: this unique feature allows you to easily browse and choose your favorite keyword from the large database. Moreover, you can filter the keywords by search volume, CPC and average PR.

– A multi-country support: the majority of keyword research tools nowadays gives you access only to US keywords. What makes Keyword Canine extremely appreciated online is that it allows you to select one of 200+ countries as default when studying and analyzing keyword competition. It also allows you to choose from UK, German, French and US keywords.

– No risk involved: this unique tool will certainly increase your business’ customer database because its top features are specially designed to attract new customers. However, if this doesn’t happen and you are not satisfied with it, the 30 day money back guarantee assures you a full refund.

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Classified Submissions – Never Post Ads Manually Anymore

classified submissionsGone are the days where you would have needed to submit your ad manually to hundreds of websites, directories and forums. This was a really daunting task, especially as it took a lot of time and sometimes it was proven to be useless. Nowadays professional marketers understood the importance of creating a tool that automatically submits your classified ads to those directories classified ad sites and blogs. This is how Classified Submissions appeared on the market.

The Importance of Classified Ad Submission

SEO procedures and classified ad submission represent a top priority for nowadays marketers, because they are the channel to reach the mass of customers out there. For a business that wants to grow and to expand, classified ad submission is crucial. It is a fact that ad submission allows you to easily build backlinks and therefore to increase your page rank in the search engines. Moreover, these ads helps in linking the pages of your website, enhancing the overall SEO process.

Before, you would have needed to do this task manually. Only submitting your ad to one hundred directories would have taken 8 to 12 hours. Moreover, not all the marketers were aware of the places where to submit the ad. Sadly, this wasn’t successful at all, because in many cases it was a waste of time. However, the technology has evolved, especially in this field. This is why we can now enjoy the full benefits of an automatic ad submission tool.

Classified Submissions Features and Benefits

If you own a business and you want to promote it online, one of the best ways to do it hassle-free is to use an automatic submission tool for your ads. Classified Submissions is a software that submits and promotes your ad to thousands of websites in order to present your business to thousands of potential customers. With this unique tool, your ads will be submitted to more than 550 classified ad sites, 250 large web directories, 85 search engines, 50 forums and 500,000 networked sites. The amazing thing is that your ad will be resubmitted each month, exposing your business to a fresh and updated database.

Maybe you are not yet convinced of the importance of including this classified ad tool into your promotion strategy. Some of the benefits of classified ad marketing for your business are:

– Extremely fast: with classified ad marketing you have immediate exposure to thousands of potential customers, because ads are published in less than 24 hours.
– You will get valuable backlinks to your website: the majority of classified ad websites where your ad will be promoted have a very high ranking in the search engines. So when your links are listed on these websites, Google considers your website as important as these ad websites, increasing your PageRank.
– Visitors want to buy something: when a potential customer takes the time to study a classified ad, it means he’s looking to buy something. He is prepared to buy something you offer, therefore offer him something unique.
– A great value: a classified ad strategy is much cheaper than a Google Adwords strategy.

For as little as $39.95, you could have your classified ad submitted to thousands of websites and directories automatically Per Month. If you want to benefit from this amazing system….

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Niche Video Site Builder – How To Create an Active Video Website Within Minutes

niche video site builderMore and more marketers have started to realize the importance of a professionally built video website in their niche. Modern savvy consumers want to discover all the features and benefits of a breakthrough product in a matter of minutes, because they are extremely busy. This is why the authors of Niche Video Site Builder considered that investing in such a service would hit the headlines. And guess what. They were right.

Extremely Easy to Use

Niche Video Site Builder is probably the most popular and most advanced website builder tool available online. It definitely answers the question, “how to build a website” or “how to build a squeeze page”.In less than a few minutes, you can create a unique video website in your niche for converting your visitors into active customers. This tool is extremely easy to use and to set-up. The following tips are everything you need to know in order to benefit of the unique features of Niche Video Site Builder:

1. Identify a competitive keyword in your niche: use Google Adwords to find a highly competitive keyword. In the same time, try to find a keyword that has a low competition, because it will be easier to get on Google’s first page if the competition is not that strong. Always choose a keyword relevant to your visitors. As an example, if your business is about selling motorcycle parts, you can choose: motorcycle parts, quality motorcycle parts or original motorcycle parts.

2. Search for an affiliate program: this tool allows you to add your own affiliate programs and products through text links, banners and ads.

3. Purchase a domain that matches your keyword: a video site that has a domain name that matches its keyword will usually receive a higher ranking in Google and consequently more visitors. Moreover, a matching domain helps your visitors to find more easy what they are looking for.

4. Hosting: you will need a large hosting, because you will have to store many files. In addition, the bigger the hosting, the faster your page will load.

5. Select the template you prefer, enter the ftp details, your keyword and the AdSense ID and click the button. Your site will be automatically installed and also configured on the server.

Niche Video Site Builder Features

What’s really amazing with the Niche Video Site Builder is that you can have your first video website live in less than a few minute. This tool has already created 350,000+ websites online, and it continues to grow each day. Let’s take a look at the built-in features Niche Video Site Builder provides:

– Finds all the relevant videos on Youtube in your place.
– Everything is automatic.
– It leverages the power of social networks.
– Features very strong filtering capabilities: this will allow your website to show only useful and relevant videos.
– Generates tons of backlinks from authority sites.
– Works with Google Analytics, allowing you to monitor each site.
– A breakthrough affiliate program that pays around 50% commission.
– Other advanced features and options for further customization.
– Unlimited website licence: with only 1 licence, you can create as many video websites as you want.
– You can save 90%: this is probably the greatest advantage. However this offer is limited.

If you want to benefit of the easiest website creation script that will literally boost your visitors, do it now. You can save 90% and will also benefit of free lifetime updates.

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Amazon Custom Search Plugin – Easily Increase Your Affiliate Earnings

amazon custom search pluginFounded in 1994, Amazon is certainly the biggest online shopping portal in the whole world. Moreover, Amazon represents a gold mine for nowadays affiliate marketers, due to the simplicity of joining and operating. Recent studies showed that Amazon earns more than 40% of its total revenues from its current affiliates. That’s a lot of money. 40% out of $48.07 billion means about $20 billion each year.

The Best Way to Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Amazon has more than 90K affiliate members in all countries of the world. If you are an Amazon affiliate or want to become one, there is a way you can multiply your earnings at a touch of a click. The software that helps you do this is called Amazon Custom Search plugin.

There are many Amazon WordPress plugins specially designed to increase your earnings as an Amazon affiliate. Some of the most common names are Amazon Autoposter, Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer, WP Amazon Ads or Amazon Store. However, these plugins are far behind what Amazon Custom Search plugin can provide. This is because this modern plugin is the masterpiece of three famous marketers online who struggled to come up with something unique and practical for today’s savvy affiliate marketers.

Amazon Custom Search Plugin Features and Benefits

This unique plugin helps your readers to easily find the product they’re looking for on your website or blog. It enhances the search process and allows your website to go up in the search engine rankings. Some of the most important features of this modern plugin are:

– Very easy to install: you don’t really need any previous technical experience to set up this plugin on your WordPress blog or website. All you need to do is to go to the WP plugin page and install it. The next step is to activate it and then drag the widget to the sidebar or at the bottom. All this process won’t take more than 5 minutes, therefore a great advantage is that it saves more of your time.

– Generates a relevant search results: your visitors will be thrilled about this plugin, because it will highly improve your site’s utility and effectiveness. Amazon Custom Search will generate in a few seconds a list of products that is relevant to the keywords typed into the search box. This improvement will transform many visitors into customers and also existing customers into loyal customers.

– Supports 7 countries: this WordPress plugin provides an even greater flexibility than ever before, because it allows you to use it in seven different countries: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.ca, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, Amazon.es.

– Comes in 2 styles: you can always switch the style of the plugin. Whether you prefer an Option button style or a Combo box, Amazon Custom Search plugin will surely increase your sales.

Amazon Custom Search Review

This plugin costs only $9.20 and can be easily purchased from HERE. Some of the customers who tried it already declared:

“I just purchased it with no problems. So far everything looks awesome.”

“Already installed it on 3 of my websites and my sales went up. Extremely happy!”

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