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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website or Blog

how much does it cost to build a website

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website

how much does it cost to build a websiteAre you looking for ways to earn an extra income by creating a website? Do you want to build an e-commerce website like eBay and sell a product? Or do you want to know how much it cost to build a WordPress blog and promote affiliate items?

Well…today is a good day for you because the average cost to build a website or blog is only $16.

The two things you will definitely need are:

1. Domain name: A domain name is the name of your website.

2. Hosting provider: A hosting service or hosting provider is a company that will place your website on their world wide web server. This will make your website active to anyone on planet Earth(and Mars).

Okay..let’s get started….

Step 1:

One of the world’s best name registrars where you can get a website name is It only costs a one time fee of $10 and that’s it. You will need to renew it at the end of the year. NameCheap will send you an email one year after purchase to remind you. Or you can select “enable autorenewal” during the checkout process.

Simply type whatever name you desire in the search box in the center of the website and click “Search”.

You will now see a lot of options. Try to get a .com, .net or .org for your website. These extensions are the most popular with search engines.

Click on the shopping cart to the right of your choice.

Next, click on “View Cart” and follow the steps to purchase your domain name. As stated earlier, you can select “enable autorenewal” as you proceed to confirm your order.


Step 2: How much does it cost to host a website on WordPress

how much does it cost to build a websiteI’ve been online since 2007 and I’ve tested tons of hosting companies. Some were expensive and some were terrible with their service. Don’t make the mistakes I made. Go with the best and it will save you a lot of headaches and sleepless nights.

Therefore, I highly recommend HostGator. It only costs $6 a month for a Baby Plan account. Awesome! $6 x 12 is how much it cost to host a website for a year. A McDonald’s lunch featuring a Big Mac, fries and coke cost more than $6. So anybody can start their own business online and make a lot of money.

Now here’s the great news!

It does not matter if you have one website or 500 websites. You only need one $6 HostGator Baby Plan account and you can place all of your websites into that one account. What a deal!

Now, there is also a Business Plan HostGator account that cost only $10. This type of account is perfect if you want to build an ecommerce website or blog. You will receive a 1-800 toll free phone number, your own IP address and much more with a Business Plan account.

Congratulations! You now have your website name and hosting service! You ROCK!

Step 3:

Check your email inbox and you will see a receipt from HostGator.  Make sure you save this email or print it out. It will contain important information that you may need in the future in case you want to cancel or ask for a refund.

Within this email receipt, you will see a couple of items called Domain Name Servers or DNS. They will look similar to the following:



You must log back into and input these name servers with your website name. This is very easy!

So…log into NameCheap, place your mouse cursor under your username and you will see an option called “Manage Domains”. Click it.

In the box in the center of the page, you will see your website name. Click on it.

In the left column, you will the name, “Domain Name Server Setup”. Click on this.

Select “Specify Custom DNS Servers” and type in the HostGator’s name servers they provided you in your email receipt.

Last but not least,  click “Save Changes”.

And that’s it my friend. You are done!

To repeat the steps:

1. Go to NameCheap and get your website or blog name. This is a one-time cost of only $10

2. Head over to HostGator and grab a Baby Plan account. The cost is only $6 per month

3. Paste your HostGator’s name servers into your NameCheap account

Step 4 (NEW)

Okay,  after writing my first three steps above, I later discovered that a lot of people wanted an instant “already-built” website that required very little maintenance.

10 to 15 years ago, a free no-cost website was not an option. However, thanks to the advancement of the internet, we may have a winner!

I did some extensive research and found a trusted and proven company called Only 60. You can join free and acquire your own free website at They are new and it appears they are trying to build up their brand by giving away these sites.

You can click the banner below and watch their video, if you like:


get your free website

You Can Obtain a Free Website Here!
In addition….

You can start customizing your website or blog by adding the WordPress platform on it within your HostGator cpanel. Or you can simply have HasiGirl at to do it for you.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at . Or you can chat with the nice people at NameCheap or Hostgator. Both of their customer service departments are top notch!

So, as you can see it doesn’t cost much to build a website. Plus you can get one for FREE. So there is no excuse. Get started now!

To me, a website is a valuable asset like a business! Let’s say you have a website that sells an Amazon product and it generates you about $500 a month. The next thing you do is build another website that targets a different item. Rinse and repeat! Imagine having 10 – 20 websites and each makes you $500 a month. That’s life changing income!

Please share this article on Facebook , Google Plus and Twitter and comment below! Thank you so much.

By Tony Briggs

Escalate Internet and Their Powerful Services

With the continuing expansion of the internet, more and more businesses are now reaching out to millions of users that would have been impossible to reach before. It has now become imperative for any business to build a strong online presence. That’s why Escalate Internet is the ideal online and internet related services provider.

They specialize in providing 5 major services:

Escalate Internet Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are an important part of any businesses since it works by making a client’sescalate internet review website more visible which in turn increases visitor traffic and translates into actual customers for products and services of your business.

If any business is to realize desired results SEO should be a long term commitment and so it is only wise to partner with a committed and dedicated partner such as Escalate. The company strives to provide the most powerful search engine marketing campaigns to make your business more visible to the world.

Social Media Services

Social media has become so ingrained into society it’s hard to imagine a future without it. There are a dozen in a dime social application services which have millions of users and why not use this platform to promote your business or company.

Escalate understands that social media can be used as a tool for the promotion of your businesses’ services and products and give you the competitive edge in the market place. We use major social media platforms such as: Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. This will help your business reach out to wider target audiences on a daily basis.

Web Design

Any business that is serious about succeeding must have a well-developed and structured website. The website should be easy to navigate, interesting and provide information about the company’s products and services and other details.

With Escalate Internet businesses are able to get web design and secure web hosting services, wordpress services and mobile development. These teams of experts are well-versed in creating user-friendly websites that market your business and provide more information to users about your business and its services and products.

Reputation Management

One of the most important traits a company, enterprise or an individual can ever have and should guard viciously is their reputation. Online reviews can have a positive or negative impact on your business and since about 90% of clients tend to read reviews it is imperative that they are skillfully managed.

Escalate reputation management services ensure that your business is buffed from damaging and malicious reviews which could affect the business. By skillfully managing these reviews clients are guided into choosing your products and services.

Internet Security

Although the internet has become a crucial tool for businesses, enterprises and individuals it is also susceptible to attacks from scammers, malware and hackers. Therefore securing a company to protect a business and its data and websites from hackers and malwares is crucial.

With Escalate clients are ensured of a dedicated team of experts who offer 24/7 monitoring of servers or websites, back up of sensitive data and loss of data.

Escalate Internet is therefore the right partner for you if you’re look for a reliable, professional and committed internet and online services provider.

Get Video Vantage Pro By Devin Zander | First page Rankings With My Top Secret Bonus

Imagine creating a simple 1 minute to 2 minutes video on YouTube and ranking on the first page for the toughest keywords in the market! This is the power of Video Vantage Pro software and my top secret bonus that I have never shared before!

Check out the video below:

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First, you add your YouTube account to the software.

Second, you enter your emails that will allow you to create powerful Wikis back links for your videos.

Third, you upload your YouTube video within the software with your title and description.

Fourth, you create wiki links to the video you just uploaded. Simply click “Start Posting”. Video Vantage will create hundreds of these high page rank backlinks for you automatically! Wow!

Fifth, click “Get PR Links” . You have a choice of high page rank Edu blogs, comment blogs, Gov blogs, anchor texts, etc. These will be related links that you can use to post your YouTube url on! It only take a few seconds for the Video vantage software to perform this task.

There is no need to buy anymore Fiverr gigs and no more waiting for the Fiverr owner to deliver the work request. Woo Hoo!

Take a peek at some of the results Video Vantage is producing:

video vantage bonus

When You Purchase “Video Vantage” HERE, You Will Receive Some Amazing Bonuses…

video vantage review

Bonus 1:

video vantage bonusBonus 2:

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How To Rank on Page One of Google By Using SEO Hummingbird Topics Related Content

How To Rank on Page One of Google by Creating SEO Hummingbird Topics Related Content

how to rank on page oneI’ve noticed that since the Hummingbird update, Google (and other search engines) is HIGHLY favoring content that is more topic-related to what the user is actually searching for.

This is a BIG shift!

Google is becoming smarter every second therefore, if you are still writing articles based around one keyword, you are living in the past!

To start ranking on page 1 of Google or to add hundreds of subscribers to your email list weekly, you need to change your mindset and start creating content around a cluster of related topics, people and things.

By performing this task, you will begin ranking for hundreds of word phrases in Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Yes…HUNDREDS of word phrases!

For example, let’s take a look at the “lose weight” niche.

Step 1:

Here are some phrases that hundreds of people are typing in ALL of the search engines per day (Google Planner will probably show no volume on these. Stop using Google Planner!):

“how to lose weight quickly after pregnancy”
“how to lose weight without counting calories”
“how to lose weight healthy and fast”

You can easily write one 400 – 500 word post on your website with valuable information focusing on people and things related to each of these phrases.

Step 2:

Include words such as mother, busy mom, healthy recipes, fruit, vegetables, venus factor, new baby, new mom, fatloss4idiots, Jennifer Hudson, treadmill, Anna Gunn, Biggest Losers, Christina Aguilera, exercise, low calories, etc. etc.

Step 3:

Next, link out to powerful websites within your content such as Wikipedia or a related Youtube video.

Step 4:

Make sure you have an image on your post with an alt tag to one of your phrases <alt=how to lose weight without counting calories>

Step 5:

Next, paste a related YouTube video within your post, if you can find one (Tip: Embed one of your own videos into your post).

Step 6:

Link internally to at least two other pages on your blog.

Step 7:

<H1> your title in your post. A sample title for this post could be:

<H1>How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy By Eating Healthy Low Calories Food</H1>

Step 8:

Get your post indexed in Google in about 10 seconds by simply posting your link at:

You are allowed only 500 submissions per month so don’t go crazy.

Step 9:

Get social interactions, shares and likes from Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, etc.

And that’s about it my friends.

That is how you rank for hundreds of phrases and bank TONS of money per day!

So get to work!

“Click Here To Discover How A Former Pizza Man Now Makes Over $17,300 Per Month While Watching TV!”

Social Lead Freak Review – Increase Your Facebook Likes and Customer Leads


Do you want hundreds of fresh leads per day for your business?

Do you want to increase the number of likes to your Facebook fanpage?

Do want more buyer traffic per day to your website, CPA offer or product?

Introducing Social Lead Freak!

So exactly what is this about?

Social Lead Freak is a software that will pulls Facebook user ids of your future customers and leads from related Facebook posts, pages, groups, events, etc.

For example, let’s say you are a realtor in Atlanta. You definitely need fresh new leads of people wanting to purchase a home. You simply let the software search all of the Facebook groups and posts of people who have indicated that they have an interest in “buying a home in Atlanta” or “wanting to move in a house”, “tired of renting”, etc.

Social Lead Freak is extremely POWERFUL!

 Click HERE and watch how Social Lead Freak can bring you hundreds of leads per day!

How to post classified ads


post classified ads
Click Here to Post 550,000 Sites Fast!

Classified ads are the new secret method to rank your website or offer on the first page of Google! The ad provides you with more option of buying and selling in these categories. In classified ads there is no bidding, therefore you are required to tag you product or services the price you want to receive it for and not the starting price, unlike in the auction listing style.

Click Here to Post To Post To Over 500,000 Classified Sites Quickly and Reach Page One of Google!

How to Post Classified Ads Effectively

Posting a classified ad is very easy and is completely free in most of the marketing sites. When posting a classified add you should look for a marketing website that has high readership potential. This will enable you to get a buyer or seller very fast. I will show you how to post classified ads on two popular marketing sites; eBay and Craigslist.


When posting on Craigslist, use the following steps:

1. Go to the Craigslist homepage and choose a local website to post your ads. It can be state, city, province or country.
2. Click the link on you right top corner of post to classified link.
3. Select category and subcategory of your ad
4. Now write you ad in the required format. Review the ad you have just posted and make any needed chances
5. When you are done, click the continue link.
6. On the next page, read all the term and conditions and click on accept.
7. Check you email for the publication message of your classified ad from the craigslist. You can access you publication form from the link in the email message.
8. Once you are done with reviewing your ad, confirm the ad publication by clicking on the publish button. Your classified add will appear on Craigslist within 15 minutes.

Important Tips: Always use the same email for a particular category. For example, if you have three emails registered on Craigslist, use one for a specific market and the other ones for their own purpose also. Your ad remains on Craigslist for up to 45 day since its posting, but you can always renew the advertisement.

eBay Classifieds

The following are simple step by step instructions when posting classified ads on eBay:

1. Go to eBay homepage
2. Click advance search leaving the field blank then click search also leaving the field blank.
3. Under format drop down box, click on the classified ads link then click show. This will appear on the right of the drop down box.
4. Choose categories that do not zeros, this are the only categories that accept classified ads.
5. To set up you classified ad on this categories, click on sell link and describe your product.
6. Continue to the page where u will be required to select you category and select category that allows classified ads.
7. Proceed to the page entitled ”Sell: Create Your Listing” scroll down to a section named How you are selling.
8. You should be able to view your advertisement. This will only be possible if you have selected the category that allows classified ads.

However, Craigslist and eBay are only two websites that you can use. Seven of the most powerful classified sites are:


So how can you leverage all of these websites and generate tons of sales by increasing your website listing to page one of the search engines?

Posting hundreds of ads on all of these websites per month will be a monumental task! Instead you can simply use Classified Submissions to submit your ad to over 500,000 websites!

SocialADR – A Powerful Social Bookmarking Link Building Service

SocialADR reviewAs a marketer struggling to build and promote your business, you probably know the hardest part in this process is getting traffic. Without real visitors that hopefully will be converted into customers and loyal subscribers, you’re not going to get anywhere. Of course, free traffic is the most affordable option, but how to do that easily, especially after the latest Google Penguin update?

Choose the Easiest Google Friendly Option

The best way to attract more customers is by ranking high in search engines. However, the old days of building tons of backlinks using blog networks and profile links are over! To achieve high page rankings:

1. You must diversify your anchor texts and vary the urls

2. Post excellent content to your blog at least twice a week.

3. Write unique quality articles on other relevant webmaster’s sites as a guest blogger.

4. Use Web 2.0 authority social networks as powerful one-way backlinks

You can do the latter manually, or you can choose one of the best social back link services on the market: SocialADR. This is not a lamed-duck software…these are talented individuals serving you 24 hours a day by promoting your website to all of the major social powerhouses!

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Squidoo are major players that are receiving a ton of Google love and this is why they are becoming more and more important to your overall success. These sites literally give you access to millions of users worldwide that you can target to your website, products and services. SocialADR eliminates all your problems and complaints about social bookmarking by doing all of the hard work for you.

How Does SocialADR Works

This breakthrough, talented team hit the headlines last year is now the #1 social marketing company! SocialADR will propel your information worldwide guaranteed. Each of your posts or pages that you give them will soon have high authority sites linking back to your website, increasing your page rank and ensuring a steady and fresh stream of traffic.

SocialADR is the perfect service for today’s marketers, because it enhances the SEO processes and gives you more time to do other important stuff. The main purpose is to generate high-quality backlinks that stick. In addition to that, this service provides an automated pinging of the submitted bookmarks, pings that alert search engine crawlers that new content is available. This way, your content will get on top of search results in no time at all, because your links will be indexed faster.

Another great feature is that you can keep track of the results thanks to their reporting data. This will enable you to tweak any campaign quicker, if needed.

SocialADR Benefits

This modern online marketing team provides exceptional benefits to all its members:

– Bookmarking sites are maintained constantly.
– There is no need to wait for the work to be completed.
– It takes only 1 or 2 minutes a day, therefore it is a real time-saver option.
– Can be used from any computer, anywhere, at any hour during day or night.
– Your assignments are given the highest priority
– Provides fresh traffic each day, that can be easily converted into loyal customers.
– You’ll never have to log into any social bookmarking accounts again. They will handle everything for you.

Why Should You Try SocialADR

You’re probably wondering how much this team of experts is going to cost. You might think it is outrageously expensive, considering its benefits and features. Well, amazingly, you will be charged nothing. The basic SocialADR account is yours, absolutely free. Follow this link HERE and take advantage of this one-time opportunity.

SocialADR back linking service

AZ Crusher Review

Using AZ Crusher Will Boost Your Amazon Profits

AZ CrusherAnybody who knows about internet marketing will be aware of the huge possibilities connected to Amazon. Large sums of money are made by people promoting a wide range of products through a number of different methods but what would happen if you could get it all done on autopilot? This is where AZ Crusher comes in and by using it you will see a difference to the money you are then bringing in.

What you get with AZ Crusher are 2 software apps that are extremely powerful tools and will help you get a top quality Amazon site that is going to start earning you money and all you need to really do is set it up and let it work. It even does not take too long to get everything up and running and if you have created websites before you know how much of a pain they can be which means this is a clear advantage.

How it works is by looking at getting you the perfect long tail domains for various products to then build your affiliate site around and this is the first piece of software. By getting these domains you push yourself up the Google rankings, as they love names like these, and of course the higher up you are the more natural traffic you get to your site.

Once this has been done, and the name has been registered, you then use the AZ site builder tool which sets up the perfect site which you can then fill with content and links for people to click on. The sites you can make are attractive and certainly enticing but perhaps the best part of AZ Crusher is the training you get.

With the training you get videos, you get PDF’s and you also get a whole load of other bonuses and it is certainly worth spending the time going through them all. It makes it so much easier to then go and make money from Amazon when you understand it better and it has to be said that this is what the training will achieve.

Overall it has to be said that AZ Crusher is well worth the investment and the beauty of it is there is nothing complicated about it so there is no way you will get confused. The members area is well laid out and the support you get is first rate which is a vast improvement on other similar products where you are left to fend for yourself which leaves you going around in circles.

So if you are looking at ways to make an income from Amazon then getting AZ Crusher really is something that has to be done. It increases the chances of you earning money by getting you the perfect keywords and setting up a website that is tailor made for the purpose of promoting whatever products you wish to sell and if you see what other people are saying about their success you will see that missing out on it really should not be an option.

Az Crusher